I got excited today and I took a C1 class (my level is actually B2!) called "Reverse culture shock" (Umgekehrter Kulturschock). It was a bit hard but it was so interesting: we talked about the culture shock you get when you come back to YOUR HOME COUNTRY after living abroad. This is so true! Everything feels weird because you changed with the new culture! I loved that lesson. 😊

Ich fand die Lektion unglaublich schön! 😁 Ich kann kaum auf C1 warten!

Germans have a reputation of being quite serious and reserved, which you can also see in the language… and what can we say?! In this case, the cliché is correct🤷‍♀️

They make a point of using the formal Sie or the informal du according to the situation and their counterpart.

But don't worry, it's actually not that difficult to understand🤓 bit.ly/Informalorwhat

I have seen that you can now retake lessons as group classes!! That's so neat! Sometimes I want to take a lesson again because I feel I didn't get all of it and now I can. ¡Muchas gracias Lingoda! 💖

So, German it is!🤗

After listening to all of your friends coming back from Austria, Germany and Switzerland, you've finally decided to travel to these countries yourself. And why not? There's piles of yummy Mozartkugeln waiting in Salzburg, an easy-going way of life in Berlin and floating down the Rhine in Basel is the best way to cool off in the summer. 😍

So now it's your turn. Read on to discover our German language survival guide while travelling🇩🇪 bit.ly/SurviveGermany

Hallo Lingoda Welt! Ich bin Juan aus Barcelona. Ich lerne Deutsch seit 1 Jahren, weil ich für die Arbeit besser mein Deutsch sprechen werden kann. Mein Plan ist: Ich will mit deutscher Firma arbeiten. Sehr gut Euch kennenzulernen.

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